At  Jamones Basurde we hold the “Serrano Ham Traditional Speciality Guaranteed Certificate” and the “Iberian Product Certificate” thus complying  with the stringent regulations that currently endorse this type of product.


Maximum quality is one of our main commitments with our customers, this has allowed us to obtain the “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed” certificate for Serrano ham, without doubt a guarantee of the quality of our hams.

The granting of the TSG seal on the Serrano Ham guarantees traditional composition and production, representing recognition of the quality that gives the product special characteristics.


The Basurde brand boasts the Iberian Product certificate guaranteeing that we comply with the stringent standard Royal Decree 04/2014, 10th January, establishing the quality standards for Iberian meat, ham, shoulder and cured loin.

The certified pieces of Iberian meats comply with the requirements established in the regulations throughout all stages of production, meaning that the products are known for specific quality-related characteristics and that the end customer can instantly recognise the product they are consuming.