Jamones Basurde was founded in 1987, and in 1992 the Interham s.l. trading company was formed.

Since our beginnings we have had a clear idea: quality and skilful work would set our course. For this reason we decided to produce our hams and pork shoulders by selecting the best abattoirs and the raw materials with the fat, sizes and age that we believe our customers deserve.

We currently produce hams covered by the “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed” Serrano Ham standard, we hold the necessary Certifications for Iberian hams and pork shoulders both cereal and acorn fed and we comply strictly with the stringent regulations that guarantee the quality of these products.

None of this would have been possible without the close collaboration of all of our staff, great professionals in the various areas that our business encompasses, together with a fast, efficient service.

We are now celebrating 25 years in this business that deals with tradition, craftsmanship, nature and would like to be able to celebrate another 25 years, with the same skilfulness and dependability, but with a renewed, modern image, adapting ourselves to the new interesting times that lay ahead.